Anne Thornton-Patterson

Professional & Experienced Hypnotherapist
My name is Anne Thornton-Patterson and I am an experienced hypnotherapist in West London and Staffordshire. I know that this may be the first time you are considering having hypnotherapy to help you resolve a personal problem. Whether this is your first time or your are someone who has already experienced the effectiveness of hypnosis, I would be delighted to help you. Please also be assured that your privacy will be respected and any information is kept confidential. Many of my clients enjoy busy and successful lives but recognise that they sometimes need help.

Hypnotherapy Helps Many Issues
I have been providing hypnotherapy in London for over 15 years and have helped people with issues such as:-
OCD, public speaking fears, stress, anxiety, sexuality and relationship issues, trichotillomania, stopping smoking, controlling weight, phobias, and a lot more. Whatever your issue is please do feel free to contact me to find out if hypnotherapy can help you resolve it.

Free Hypnotherapy Consultation
For most issues I offer an initial and free hypnosis consultation. I want you to be confident about your decision to have hypnotherapy and to make a more informed decision.
At the end of the free hypnosis consultation you can decide to start straight away or take some time away to consider your options. There is no obligation to proceed any further.

Hypnosis Locations
My hypnotherapy practices are based in Kensington, West London and Hints in Staffordshire. My London hypnotherapy practice is within walking distance of Ladbroke Grove underground station and close to the A40 Westway if travelling by car. The Hints practice is convenient for Tamworth, Birmingham, Lichfield and Burton on Trent.
I occasionally see clients in their own homes wherever they might be based within reasonable travelling distance in England. Please contact me if you are unable to attend my London or Staffordshire practices.

Hypnotherapy Sessions
To book your hypnotherapy session please click Email Anne Now or telephone her on 07930 362492. If you will get my answer phone I will call you back as soon as I am free again.

Stop Hair Pulling - Help for Trichotillomania´┐╝
I have developed an effective therapy program for trichotillomania; compulsive hair pulling which includes eyebrow and eyelash pulling.
One of the first steps to overcoming hair pulling is to admit that you this compulsion and need help. I have found that many of my clients experience a lot of relief in just being able to talk to someone who understands. I can assure you that I will be accepting of you and whatever coping strategies you have tried.
If you are fed up with bald patches, hiding, covering up, making excuses, shame and low self esteem because of hair pulling please contact me (click to email). I would love to help you end your hair pulling.

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Help
I also help people who have developed some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder including obsessive washing, counting and having a special number.
Often OCD is about feeling safe and secure and avoiding bad luck or fate. It is an anxiety disorder and OCD may have developed because of some past experience that was stressful or fearful. Please contact me if your are ready for help with your OCD.

Hypnotherapist Resources
If you are a visiting hypnotherapist and would like to have more resources for your hypnotherapy practice just click free hypnotherapist resources and scripts.