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Welcome to Kensington Hypnosis

I am an experienced hypnotherapist and published author with a private practice in West London and Staffordshire. I know that this may be the first time you are considering having hypnotherapy to help you resolve a personal problem. Whether this is your first time or you are someone who has already experienced the effectiveness of hypnosis, I would be delighted to help you.

My approach for each session and each client is to first relax and get as comfortable as possible. Each session includes hypnosis and a recording of that part of the work. If you are anxious before the appointment itself, its possible to arrange a 15 minute zoom call to have the process explained to you and your questions answered.

On arrival of a face to face appointment there is a Covid Protocol in place to keep us both safe which you will be informed of before coming. Before the session you will be sent a medical questionnaire and terms of business. This enables me to be better prepared for our face to face work. The questionnaire should be completed and returned to me in advance of the appointment.

Please also be assured that your privacy will be respected and any information is kept confidential. Many of my clients enjoy busy and successful lives but recognise that they sometimes need help.

How Hypnotherapy Helps My Clients

Hypnotherapy works by giving the mind the tools it needs to change behaviours and negative or unwanted thoughts, but the behaviours and thoughts themselves often have an underlying cause. In order for hypnotherapy to be successful, these are the issues that must ultimately be addressed.

By addressing these issues, we not only eliminate the unwanted behaviour – be it hair pulling, addictions, ED or sleep problems – we also address the underlying issue which can have immense benefits to your life in general.

Below are some of the main underlying problems that my hypnotherapy sessions will help you with.

Stress Related Problems

Stress is part of the human condition but left unchecked or overloaded it moves from motivator into destructive thoughts and behaviour. 

Dealing With Phobias

Fear of spiders (arachnophobia), flying (aviophobia), lifts (claustrophobia), trains, social phobia, open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of illness (emetophobia) and many other phobias.

Anxiety & Depression Issues

Over 25% of people in the UK will suffer from anxiety and depression at some point in their lives. Dealing with them can result in incredible benefits.

Sleeping Problems

Hypnosis can be used to manage insomnia and other sleep issues or anxieties preventing you from a good night’s sleep. 


Often caused by trauma endured at an early age, compulsive behaviours can range from a slight annoyance to truly debilitating.


Addiction can be a serious issue that can cause problems with work, family, health, your social life and finances. Addictions often also affect other around you.

My Hypnotherapy Treatments

While I am considered a leading expert in the fields of Trichotillomania and Erectile Dysfunction treatments, I have experience in utilising hypnotherapy to treat a wide range of problems.

My decades in the field ensure that you are in safe hands.

All Hypnotherapy Treatments

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Struggling With Trichotillomania?
You Are Not Alone

I am also a published author, having written one of the authoritative books – currently rated 5 stars on Amazon – on how to cope with Trichotillomania.

I’m proud to say that it has helped many people to understand that they are not alone, and helps to equip them with the tools necessary to deal with this debilitating illness.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can mail me at


This is a highly informative book and offers a wealth of knowledge and history behind TTM which is a great support when you are dealing with this condition .


I’ve used this book over the past few months and found it really useful in helping with my TTM. It’s got lots of practical strategies and a wide range of ideas, so even if one thing doesn’t work for you, there will be plenty of others that will.

Mrs. S. Green

I was given this book to help me help my daughter. I was a bit lost as to how to help. The book is very practical and super informative.

Miss R O'Connor

My young daughter has Trichotillomania. This book has really helped us to understand the condition well in order to support her as best we can.

Richelle Clark

It really made me understand trichtillomania and the reason behind feeling , anxiety the caused and triggers
It gave me some really good coping strategies and methods to relieve anxiety and the mechanisms of coping.

Kendelle Tekstar (Google Review)

Anne is thoughtful in her approach to hypnotherapy. The time she takes to get to know you and tailor recordings accordingly is beyond what I was anticipating. She supplements this with additional tools and food for thought on coping strategies based on her experience.

It’s Simple to Get Started  With My Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy works by giving the mind the tools it needs to change behaviours.

Among the many benefits of my sessions are:

Contact Me To Get Started

My clients immediately feel less stress after their first session. A good start!

Initial Zoom Call

I will teach you how to address your issue on your own. The goal is for you to live a normal life.

First Session

After we have worked together and you are experienced in utilising the tools I give you, eventually you will master your own mind.

5 Star Rated Hypnotherapist In London

Having worked in the industry for decades, I am fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of treatments for my clients.

I found Anne after feeling like I had exhausted all other types of therapy. Her approach is unique and it is a very welcoming environment. Having the recordings to listen to between sessions and text interaction really helps to feel connected to the process as opposed to other therapies I have tried in the past. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and see what progress can be made.

Cat Molloy

Anne really helped me with my English. I’ve become more confident when I’m speaking and increased my vocabulary. She gave me useful study methods.

Lisa Loman

Anne is an exceptional, highly experienced hypnotherapist who has helped me tackle issues which I previously found difficult to shift. She is very resourceful has a great sense of humour. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mika Bertoni

I have been having hypnotherapy with Anne for over two years now and I have noticed a great improvement during this time. Not only do I feel relaxed and comfortable during my appointments, but I leave feeling renewed and inspired. I have learned many tools and techniques that I can practice wherever and whenever. I used to think recovery was not possible, but thanks to the work we have done together, I feel in control and optimistic for the future.

Faye Hardy

I feel fully supported when i’m talking to Anne. Since our first session i feel more aware and conscious of my arm movements and i am learning about myself; Anne is also very encouraging and understanding professional, sharing from a specialist place. Thank you Anne!

Ana Rei

(Translated by Google) It is also recommended for Japanese people. When Anne listens to her, she realizes the real problem in herself.


I would highly recommend Anne to anyone seeking hypnosis. Immediately one feels in safe and capable hands and the results have been miraculously instantaneous!
It is clear that Anne is highly skilled in her profession but she was also deeply compassionate to the complexity and sensitivity of the nature of why I’d come. I felt very much supported during the session and am also impressed with her aftercare. Just brilliant!


Anne has helped my daughter immensely combat Trichotillomania. I would definitely recommend her to help others with similar conditions, we are very pleased to have found her.

Louise H

I first contacted Anne recently, to help with a long standing erectile dysfunction issue, where resorting to pills simply did not get to the root cause. After being warmly welcomed into her practice and making me feel instantly comfortable, and showing great attention to my issue, a few hypnotherapy sessions with Anne along with her expert guidance and techniques, have helped me immensely to be overcome my issues and enjoy intimacy again.

Having also recently suffered from a lack of a regular sleep pattern, one hypnotherapy session with Anne soon put me on the right path to a more relaxing and full nights sleep.

Anne is such a lovely woman, with a wicked sense of humour, only a call or text away, and really goes the extra mile to ensure you feel the full benefit of each session, with a quick check in to make sure everything is going well. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Anne, I can’t recommend her enough!

Steve A

After two sessions with Anne I can only recommend her services. She is very professional and passionate, and I really appreciate that we are in contact even between the sessions.

Margaux Delugeau

I am very lucky to have found Anne and highly recommend her to help anybody struggling with TTM. She is incredibly thorough, makes you feel extremely comfortable and is highly knowledgeable about TTM.


Anne treated our daughter while she was waiting for a definitive diagnosis for an auto immune condition. It was incredibly reassuring to have this support at a very difficult time especially as we live 100 miles away. She is still using the relaxation techniques that Anne taught her over 5 years later.

Philip Welch

Anne is a truly wonderful lady, who is quite clearly an outstanding expert in her field.

After my very first session with Anne at Kensington Hypnosis I felt a burden had been lifted. Both our conversations and the hypnosis made sense of things for the first time, and I could face my problem with a completely new perspective.

After just our first session together my mindset is totally different and I am seeing immediate improvements.

This is by far my most positive experience of any form of therapy or treatment of this kind.

I simply can not recommend Anne highly enough, and I am really looking forward to visiting her many more times.

LH London

My daughter has been pulling her eyelashes for 2 years. We have received treatments previously for trichotillomania and we never saw any improvement. After all these years for a first time treatment we received at the Kensington Hypnosis was effective. I am very grateful for Anne, who is an unbelievable therapist. She is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. She not only provided us with the tools we need to deal with trich, but she is encouraging, which I believe allowed my daughter to progress more quickly.

Magdalena Michalak

Five star review – Anne is amazing
While we have only had one hypnotherapy session with Anne so far (plus numerous phone calls to check progress) – it has already helped my daughter a lot! Anne is genuinely interested in helping my daughter to make trich a thing of the past!
While it is early days in the treatment – we have been so impressed with Anne’s approach to treatment, her genuine interest and her very warm and caring personality. She is a gem and we are very grateful to her. We would highly recommend her!

Claire Sheehy

One of my daughters has been seeing Anne for nearly one year and she has been speaking very highly about Anne. She tells me since she has been taking sessions with Anne she has felt a lot better and gradually is getting her self-confidence back. Anne has been very supportive during these challenging times. My daughter mentioned to Anne that I have been suffering from insomnia and Anne was kind enough to share one of her recordings with me. Since I’ve been listening to the recording my sleep has improved and I’ve started to sleep better. I can’t thank Anne enough. Even though I have not seen her personally but judging by the positive comments that I have heard about her through my daughter and the improvements that I have seen in my daughter, I recommend Anne to those who need her support. Thank you Anne for the recording, all your help and support.

Zeinab Khalifeh

Fantastic experience !!
I had hypnosis and past life hypnosis
I can not recommend Ann enough
She is very professional very kind and makes you feel very comfortable .
she also has a great follow up service and genuinely cares
I will definitely continue to see her

Fashion Haus London

Anne helped me with my confidence and gave me studie methos too improve my learning of English.

Felicia Kuus

Just had my first session and how pleasant it was. Anne is genuinely skilled at her craft and professional.

I feel so clear in my Mind and have a real sense of clarity and direction. I presented to Anne many challenges in my life, a hard pregnancy, financial problems, health and relationship issues as well as anxiety.

Together with me Anne was able to come up with a plan and in our session I asked if we could focus on my finances. She did this and more, she also spent the time to converse with me and managed to gather a full picture of my life and we’re I want to be.

She went over her time and really is very thorough. My session felt so beautiful. The trance was natural, enjoyable and very real, she takes you to a place only a skilled hypnotist can achieve.

I know exactly were to go from here and would highly recommend her service. Anne will hypnotise you but she will also give practical tips and support to get the most benefit out of your session . Five stars.

Afua Acquah

Anne is an amazing woman who has helped change my life living with anxiety. Teaching me ways to cope in daily life with different techniques, and I never want to wake up from my trance in each session! She’s not just a clinical and medical hypnotherapist, but she acts as my life coach and therapist all in one too! She is always a text or phone call away and has a fantastic sense of humour too!

Heather Jayne

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If you're not ready for a full free initial consultation yet, don't worry. Send me a message if you are unsure or would just like some more information. I'm always happy to answer any queries.