Hypnotherapists Starter Kit

Hypnotherapists Starter Kit – First 30 Days in Practice

If you have recently qualified as a new hypnotherapist, congratulations! You are probably very keen to get your new hypnosis practice up and running. I and Steve Harold were once in the same exciting place as you.  We have between us over 40 years experience of running a hypnotherapy practice.

We made mistakes when we first got going. You though don’t have to repeat our mistakes and that is the idea behind our Hypnotherapists Starter Kit – The first 30 days in Practice.

The New Hypnotherapists Beginner Kit includes :

  • Tips on Marketing
  • Ideas on Practice Management
  • Essentials of Practice
  • Crucial Internet Uses



Video Footage

Because video can convey so much more than the written word, we have included video footage of myself and Steven talking about our hypnotherapy practice.

Incidentally both Steven and I have experience of running practices from a bg city like London and to small towns in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

We have experience of practising from your own home, mobile practice, and renting a room. Steven has also had practices in sports and leisure centres and from charity premises.

This Newbie Hypnotherapist Starter Kit includes :-new hypnotherapists ebook 01

1. All about your First 30 days in Hypnosis Practice ebook
* Helps awareness of mstakes that will save you £££s
* Using someone elses experience boosts your confidence
* Ready-made Hypnotherapy Practice forms
* A chart for diarising and recording actions


2. Video of Anne’s Experiences (London, Staffordshire)
* Utilising her previous career
* Helps a family member’s cancer anxieties



3. Video of Steven Experiences (London, Mobile, Derbyshire)
* Dreams and Practicalities of a new hypnotherapy practice
* Specialising over Generalising
* Reducing sefl-employment isolation
* His biggest marketing error



4. Rank Higher in Google ebook
* The difference between 1 or 20 clients a week
* Gets you off to a flying start
* Most of your rivals won’t know these secrets



5. Extra Video – Steve Harold’s Practice Tips
* Preparing for your first client
* Handling Nervous clients
* Powerful Observations
* Building Rapport


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Total Value of Starter Kit is £120 but you can have all these resources for £57