Free Hypnotherapy Scripts

I know as a fellow hypnotherapist that we may like some scripts and others leave us tongue-tied or disappointed. In order to give you a flavour of the way I phrase my hypnotic suggestions, I have provided links below where you can download some free hypnosis scripts.

I hope you enjoy using them and also find them effective for your clients.


Handy Hypnosis Scripts Ebook
By Anne Thornton Patterson

Just a bit of background about me. I run a busy practice in Kensington and also in Staffordshire. I specialise in OCD and in particular, Trichotillomania. I have drawn on my experience of working will all types of people and issues to put together an effective set of inductions and deepeners.

What Other Hypnotherapists have said…

“I have been a full time therapist for 4 years now and I had a read through some of the scripts last night … they really are very good indeed. The ‘missing number’ script is absolutely bang on for an analytical/logical client and probably the best I have seen for this client type. Anne’s ‘pause button’ also stands out. Worth every penny.”

Mark Reader – Crawley Hypnotherapist

This Handy Hypnosis Ebook contains 30 plus pages of 12 Inductions and 9 Deepeners Scrpts and has a value of £12.



Creative Hypnosis Scripts Ebook
By Steven A. Harold

Steven runs a successful practice in Derbyshire. Already an author, Steven has gleaned from his therapy practice powerful and highly innovative inductions and deepeners that will have you smiling and your clients captivated.


~ National Council for Hypnotherapy ~

“Spot the Missing Number” an induction script for analytical clients authored by Steven Harold and included in this ebook was a prize winner in the NCH hypnosis scripts competition for 2007!

This ebook contains 30 plus pages of 10 Inductions and 10 Deepeners plus 2 bonus Ego scripts and has a value of £12.


Get Both These Hypnosis Scripts Ebooks

Here’s your chance to grab both these ebooks. The scripts in each ebook are different styles and written by different hypnotherapists. Now you can have the best of both worlds and get both of these ebooks for £24 only £17

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After payment, you will be sent a webpage where you will be able to download these hypnosis script ebooks. If for any reason you have a problem with your purchase  please contact Anne at



Confidence and Ego Boosting hypnosis Scripts


Confidence Boosting Hypnosis Scripts

These two confidence boosting hypnotherapy scripts are packed with creative and effective scripts to help you help your clients. Every hypnotherapist uses ego-boosting suggestions in any type of hypnosis session. These scripts provide unique ways to leave your clients feeling better and happier.


Both ebooks contain 15 confidence scripts each totalling 30 scripts. To get a flavour of these scripts why not download these free versions of the books. They contain one free script each and give the titles and uses for the other ego boosting scripts. Click the links below to download them now :-

Anne’s Ego Scripts and Steve’s Confidence Scripts

Ready to get the Full Versions of the Confidence Hypnosis Scripts?

Get these Ego Hypnosis ebooks by Anne Thornton-Patterson and Steve Harold today for only £17 for both.





FREE Hypnosis Scripts

Click Here – This an ego strengthening script called “My Photo Album” and can be easily modified to help analysis.

Click Here – This an induction or deepener called “Essence of You” that can easily be modified for great healing work.

Click Here – This script provides an interesting adventure for your clients. It gives them a chance to experience themselves without the expectations and limitations of names, labels and titles. Try it and see what you think. Written by Steven Harold and inspired by Hypnotherapist Carole Murray, it’s called “Dropping the Labels”.

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