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I am extremely proud of my client testimonials and work hard to get the results that improve their quality of life, in some cases drastically.

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Very thankful for her genuine and thorough therapy which is helping me create positive results.

I first contacted Anne recently, to help with a long standing erectile dysfunction issue, where resorting to pills simply did not get to the root cause. After being warmly welcomed into her practice and making me feel instantly comfortable, and showing great attention to my issue, a few hypnotherapy sessions with Anne along with her expert guidance and techniques, have helped me immensely to be overcome my issues and enjoy intimacy again.

Having also recently suffered from a lack of a regular sleep pattern, one hypnotherapy session with Anne soon put me on the right path to a more relaxing and full nights sleep.

Anne is such a lovely woman, with a wicked sense of humour, only a call or text away, and really goes the extra mile to ensure you feel the full benefit of each session, with a quick check in to make sure everything is going well. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Anne, I can’t recommend her enough!

Highly recommended, I saw positive changes immediately after the first session and others noticed the changes too. You also check in with Anne between meetings to feed into your sessions. Brilliant experience

Anne is a truly wonderful lady, who is quite clearly an outstanding expert in her field.

After my very first session with Anne at Kensington Hypnosis I felt a burden had been lifted. Both our conversations and the hypnosis made sense of things for the first time, and I could face my problem with a completely new perspective.

After just our first session together my mindset is totally different and I am seeing immediate improvements.

This is by far my most positive experience of any form of therapy or treatment of this kind.

I simply can not recommend Anne highly enough, and I am really looking forward to visiting her many more times.

Anne was great and would highly recommend! I saw Anne during a period of extreme anxiety and she really helped me with methods to help calm myself. I felt extremely comfortable talking to her and she gave me lots of useful and practical help that has aided me in my journey.

I cannot recommend Anne enough. I have just started a course with Anne to treat my trichotillomania for my eyelashes. I have only had one session so far and I think I can already see the progress from listening to the recordings each night. Anne makes you feel so comfortable and at ease whilst in her office. The hypnosis is something I was sceptical about at first but after listening to the tape every night for the last couple of weeks it starts to become something that de stresses you in so many ways. I have still got a long way to go but I am confident with Annes help she will help me beat trichotillomania for good.

I would highly recommend Anne to anyone seeking hypnosis. Immediately one feels in safe and capable hands and the results have been miraculously instantaneous!
It is clear that Anne is highly skilled in her profession but she was also deeply compassionate to the complexity and sensitivity of the nature of why I’d come. I felt very much supported during the session and am also impressed with her aftercare. Just brilliant!

Anne has been incredibly helpful. Very understanding, excellent methods, and I would highly recommend her to anyone, regardless of your issue.

I met Anne for a past life regression therapy. From the start I could feel that Anne had a genuine interest in helping me with the issues I had been struggling with.
She is an extremely caring, compassionate and very professional therapist and I highly recommend her.

One of my daughters has been seeing Anne for nearly one year and she has been speaking very highly about Anne. She tells me since she has been taking sessions with Anne she has felt a lot better and gradually is getting her self-confidence back. Anne has been very supportive during these challenging times. My daughter mentioned to Anne that I have been suffering from insomnia and Anne was kind enough to share one of her recordings with me. Since I’ve been listening to the recording my sleep has improved and I’ve started to sleep better. I can’t thank Anne enough. Even though I have not seen her personally but judging by the positive comments that I have heard about her through my daughter and the improvements that I have seen in my daughter, I recommend Anne to those who need her support. Thank you Anne for the recording, all your help and support.

Anne is an exceptional, highly experienced hypnotherapist who has helped me tackle issues which I previously found difficult to shift. She is very resourceful has a great sense of humour. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

I came to Anne stuck in a bad place with anxiety around food orientated around my eating disorder. Initially I was sceptical about the idea yet after talking through the process of my anxiety and how this made me feel, she was able to make me aware of the emotions in a more positive way. Her home allowed a comforting atmosphere where I felt open to discuss without judgment. Anne offers great communication outside of the sessions as well as constant advice and interest in the progress and how she can further help. I would highly recommend Anne to anyone struggling with anxiety who needs the support to move forward.

Anne immediately and correctly understood my problems and anxieties, and for the first time in a long time I have begun to feel I am taking the process of healing, and in particular her relaxing sleep tapes have given me a chance to have a good nights rest. I cannot recommend her enough

I feel fully supported when i’m talking to Anne. Since our first session i feel more aware and conscious of my arm movements and i am learning about myself; Anne is also very encouraging and understanding professional, sharing from a specialist place. Thank you Anne!

An incredible experience. I have long struggled to let go of smoking in my mind and after one session with Anne, I am a new person. What sets her apart is that she provides you with replacement tools and looks under the hood to demystify why you think you need a prop in life beyond yourself. Could not recommend more highly.

I’d been Hypno’d before back in 2008 it was a speedy process, not that memorable but did the job to quit smoking. My experience with Anne was wholly memorable she sought to understand fully how to address my smoking habit and gave me tools and suggestions on how to change my habits. I listened to the recording she sent twice shortly after but haven’t needed it since. She’s warm, engaging, natural and professional.
I’ve already recommended her 4 times 🙂

Stopping by to leave a review for Anne for smoking cessation hypnotherapy which was a complete success for me. It’s been 15 years since my session with her, and I still experience the powerful suggestion she gave me every time I’m asked for a cigarette.

Very grateful to have found Anne. She is kind, empathetic and very skilled at her work which makes me feel understood, which is important to me because I had not ever felt this before in my experience with hair pulling. Would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with hair pulling, I have only had a couple of sessions and I am already so much more hopeful that I can overcome it.

Anne treated our daughter while she was waiting for a definitive diagnosis for an auto immune condition. It was incredibly reassuring to have this support at a very difficult time especially as we live 100 miles away. She is still using the relaxation techniques that Anne taught her over 5 years later.

Anne has been so helpful and really helped me process my thoughts and helped me with hypnotherapy through a difficult time.

I contacted Anne to desperately seek some help with weight loss and chronic pain with fibromyalgia, after trying different types of therapy.
She was amazing, l felt the difference immediately after the first session, she was incredibly supportive day by day, checking up on my progress without being too invasive or pushy.
After just two months l feel much better, my relationship with food is changing gradually and have so much more energy and less pain.
Thank you Anne, l consider myself so lucky to have found you.

We recently were recommended Anne to help with my sons psychological issues with going to the toilet.
Anne came over to meet us and talk us through the best process.
She was very fast and efficient and after years of struggling with this problem.
She had it sorted in a week!
We liked Anne’s approach and professionalism and also her knowledge.
Thank you Anne

I’m so glad I found Anne. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable in her presence like I’d known her years. The hypnosis includes a recording that you can replay at home which makes it brilliant value. Her experience and expertise are first class and she also has skills in other modalities like EFT and regression which really enriches the sessions. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my ability to cope with antisocial night time noise from neighbors above.
Edit 23/5/22
Had my first proper EFT session with Anne and it was a nothing short of a breakthrough experience. She went through the basic process so I can adapt it to whatever issue I want to work on that particular day, which is really empowering. It’s been a game changer thus far and the the follow up support has been fantastic, very impressed and highly recommend.

Bought past life regression sessions for my sister’s birthday. She loved her gift! In her words “Anne is lovely, I felt totally at ease as soon as I walked in”.

I am very lucky to have found Anne and highly recommend her to help anybody struggling with TTM. She is incredibly thorough, makes you feel extremely comfortable and is highly knowledgeable about TTM.

Anne is very professional yet so compassionate about what she does. She is so caring and listens to all your problems. Anne is very warm, kind and dedicated to tackling to the root cause of my problems. Since I’ve started seeing Anne I feel much better about myself and life in general. I cannot thank her enough! She has taught me the tools and techniques to carry forward for the rest of my life. I recommend Anne 110%!

Anne was lovely very accomodating she was able to pinpoint issues and push me in the right direction to make the changes i needed in order to get the best out of my university degree as well as helping to me establish own unqiue skill set. not only did Anne help me to make adjustments for the better she still guides me till this day. Thank you Anne ~ J

Anne is an amazing woman who has helped change my life living with anxiety. Teaching me ways to cope in daily life with different techniques, and I never want to wake up from my trance in each session! She’s not just a clinical and medical hypnotherapist, but she acts as my life coach and therapist all in one too! She is always a text or phone call away and has a fantastic sense of humour too!

Anne made me feel comfortable right away and I immensely enjoyed our sessions. I was new to hypnotherapy so she explained everything to me clearly before we started. She has given me tools and advice which have set me on a path of better self care and improving myself. I can’t thank her enough!

(Translated by Google) It is also recommended for Japanese people. When Anne listens to her, she realizes the real problem in herself.

I found Anne after feeling like I had exhausted all other types of therapy. Her approach is unique and it is a very welcoming environment. Having the recordings to listen to between sessions and text interaction really helps to feel connected to the process as opposed to other therapies I have tried in the past. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and see what progress can be made.

I would highly recommend Anne, I had been trying to pass my driving test for 10 years but kept failing, mainly due to nerves. I had a session with Anne 3 days before my 7th test. I listened to her recording of the session each night before and found it very calming and focussing – I passed!

My daughter has been pulling her eyelashes for 2 years. We have received treatments previously for trichotillomania and we never saw any improvement. After all these years for a first time treatment we received at the Kensington Hypnosis was effective. I am very grateful for Anne, who is an unbelievable therapist. She is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. She not only provided us with the tools we need to deal with trich, but she is encouraging, which I believe allowed my daughter to progress more quickly.

My daughter has been zooming with Anne for the last number of months . Anne has helped her deal with her Trich ( we were lucky to notice it early )help her cope with the stress/anxiety of returning to school in a pandemic. We have nothing but praise for Anne . She has a no nonsense attitude with quirky sense of humour. My daughter now has loads of coping strategies when and if she needs them.

My name is Nafila I have suffered from insomnia for so long that I don’t remember when it did all start, It has been years that I didn’t sleep more than two hours a night if I am lucky.
my life has changed since I met Dr Anne she help me going through this awful experience putting me back into track she is a wonderful doctor and wonderful human being she is compassionate she’s a good listener she has a nice heart and you feel so comfortable with her .
I am finally sleeping now and I would most definitely recommend Dr Anne to any person who is trying to get better I am determined to continue seeing her for more issues that I have ,especially with my weight and I’m sure that she is going to be able to help as she did already with the sleeping insomnia .

Anne really helped me with my English. I’ve become more confident when I’m speaking and increased my vocabulary. She gave me useful study methods.

I had been a struggling with trichotillomania for several years. I found Anne just going through websites where she offered a free first consultation where I had an opportunity to actually tell someone about what I was going through. I love Anne because she listened and understood what I was going through. She explained the way she works. I used her methods and now I am om the road to recovery. I don’t know where my tweezer is and I don’t care. Thank you so much Anne.

We have started working with Anne to help us with our 2 year old daughter who is showing early signs of Trichotillomania. Although it is an unusually early age, with limited research available, Anne has been great at applying her knowledge and experience to help us develop strategies and solutions.

I was suffering from severe anxiety attacks, insomnia and stress, due to personal circumstances. Just a few hypnotherapy sessions with Anne, and her carefully given advice and guidance on anxiety management techniques have helped me tremendously to be able to fall asleep again, concentrate and calm myself down in stressful situations, so I could perform well at work. I was finally able to get back my joy. Would highly recommend to anyone dealing with the same issues. I wish I have done it sooner. Anne makes you feel accepted, understood and immediately offers valuable tools to help you on your way to recovery.

I had a bad experience with Hypnosis before from Harley Street with another hypnotherapist. so I was apprehensive about seeing Anne.

I had nothing to worry about she is lovely with a wonderful dry sense or humour. I went to see her to moderate my drinking.
She spent time working out what I really wanted from my sessions. She made me feel so at ease that was able to tell her all my bad habits which help her tailor the session to my needs. I was so relax and enjoying my hypnosis I didn’t want to come out of my trance.
I have seen great results with my drinking, I even manage to go out with my girlfriends and stop drinking half way through the night and switch to fizzy water. I am now going back to her to help me lose weight.

Amazing Ann, excellent service, would recommend in even difficult cases

Had a great experience, helped me a lot with my addictions. Would highly recommend. Got great information and learnt a lot about hypnosis from my sessions. Worked amazing

Anne’s not only a great therapist, she also writes top quality support material for other therapists.

Having suffered with trichotillomania for more than 20 years, I finally built the courage up to seek further help. I saw Anne on the mummy diaries so was keen to get in touch. With the current cover situation I didn’t know what to expect, however having not ever met Anne in person I feel like I have! I have been doing zoom sessions with her and she has been sending me recordings to listen to at night, so far I haven’t pulled in just over 4 weeks! I have lots of growth coming. Anne is the first person I have ever felt comfortable speaking openly with about the trich. She is so understanding, and makes you feel at ease, she even makes you laugh! I am so pleased that I got in touch. I have 1 more session booked in and I am looking forward to it. Anne is always checking in with me to see how I’m doing, I feel that it is more than just a job for her, she genuinely cares about our success. If you are hesitating to book a session, just do it! Try it and I’m sure you will be thrilled with the outcome.

My life has changed for the better in so many ways since I’ve started seeing Anne! She is incredible at what she does and choosing her as my therapist was the best thing I have ever done!

I have been having hypnotherapy with Anne for over two years now and I have noticed a great improvement during this time. Not only do I feel relaxed and comfortable during my appointments, but I leave feeling renewed and inspired. I have learned many tools and techniques that I can practice wherever and whenever. I used to think recovery was not possible, but thanks to the work we have done together, I feel in control and optimistic for the future.

I contacted Anne regarding a particular problem. She helped me understand my thinking more cleary and feel more confident. I’m really happy to meet her. Thank you, Anne

Suffering from stress, remorse, insomnia and anxiety after my marriage collapsed and I was left trying to bring up my three children, Anne (a family friend ) suggested I have a course of hypnotherapy. At first I was highly sceptical – being a hard nosed journalist but I was in such a bad place I thought I would try it any way. Gradually Anne brought calmness into my life and devised strategies in her therapy that slowly tackled my problems. Looking back now I can appreciate what a difference she made to my life and the therapy she used on me really did make the difference. Within a year I was back at work, I slept better, didn’t have panic attacks and best of all I was coping and my children were thriving. I owe all this to Anne.

Anne has been very supportive in helping my son overcome his limitations and has helped him to succeed dramatically in a short space of time! Thank you Anne! Xo

I have had a problem with my golf swing for quite some time. I do not think i’m alone in saying that spending time on youtube for golftips has been like a full time job for a while. With this said, i did a lot of research, filmed my swing and compared to varies of golf instructors check points in the swing, feels and reals. A golfer knows what im talking about. All these swing changes and thoughts makes the mind go crazy, it is just too much. I felt that I had tried everything with my swing, but it seemed like I got no conistensy out in the golf course which is no bueno.

I decided to visit Anne in this matter and try something new. I had 1 session with Anne, and she honeslty blew my mind.

She made me realise that all these technical details was in fact not the problem with my golf swing. To be brief, she made me realise that my body was very tense throughout the golf swing. I have had a knee injury for 4 years, and she came with the conclusion that I didn’t trust my knee, which made my body very tense. And for the golfers out there, a super tense body is not a good thing in golf. When I got the revelation I tried a range session as soon as I could. When I did, I was honestly blown away. The swing thoughts are gone, im relaxed in the body and im swinging like never before.

Thanks a lot Anne!

I met Anne last year in November 2021 when my train home was cancelled. Sat in my hotel, looking for something to do, aimlessly scrolling through the internet I came across a page describing past life regression. This is when I came across Anne, I called her and miraculously that day she had a cancellation and was able to see me. I caught an Uber to her practice, knocked on the door and I met Anne for the first time. She had a very cool energy about her, I immediately felt comfortable in her practice, and I knew this was going to be a very interesting meeting. Anne is very knowledgable, she is open minded, we engaged in deep intellectual conversations. We share stories and experiences from both our lives. She provides a different outlook on life, one that I have not come across before. She is extremely encouraging and she makes the best cup of tea 🙂 The past life regression was an interesting topic, Anne persuaded me to visit the places that were shown to me during this session to see if they still exist, and much to my surprise they do! The exact names of the streets, the buildings surrounding my vision and the location they all still exist. I have never driven past nor have I visited these locations before in my entire present life. Now the whole past life regression session seems like a dream, however I have to share it affirmed to me why I am the way I am in this life, why I hold strong morals and principles and why I think the way that I do. My review is less about the past life regression session, it is more about Anne, she is brilliant, she was truly a pleasure to meet. She is most definitely a unique and special soul and I believe she can help anyone that visits her. She has a gift. Thank you Anne!

My wife has been seeing Anne since October last year and has really found the sessions she has had really valuable , I have noticed a positive difference and had an impact on our relationship
The support Anne has offered and given has been invaluable

Anne has helped my daughter immensely combat Trichotillomania. I would definitely recommend her to help others with similar conditions, we are very pleased to have found her.

My 17 year old daughter is suffering with anxiety. We both felt really comfortable with Anne. We could immediately trust her and as I parent I felt less alone.

Anne was personal, professional and human! I am very grateful for Anne and the session we shared together. I visited Anne for a past life regression session and I would highly recommend this to everyone! Anne has a gift of making you feel at ease straight way, she listens intently and has a lovely communication style which is direct yet nurturing. I really enjoyed our session, found it extremely valuable and will returning in the future. Thanks again Anne.

Anne is a consummate professional. She had developed her hypno-craft over years of dedication, and her list of teachers and mentors is a veritable who’s who of hypnotherapy and related fields. Anne is welcoming and gentle, but also a straight-talking woman of action who will get you results.

You’re in safe – and very capable – hands.

Absolutely great! Thank you so much for everything

Anne is an incredible hypnotherapist – she counselled me on my arachnophobia and this has led to tangible improvements. She does an amazing job at following up to ensure that progress is being made. An added perk is that Anne sent a soothing and effective recording after the session to help with relaxation and sleep!

I’ve been working with Anne for a few months now and I can’t recommend her enough. Due to distance I have zoom sessions with Anne which have been super helpful, and I can’t believe how much I have improved. In the 10 years I have struggled with Trich (eyebrows and eyelashes), I never thought I could get to the point where I am now, with little urge to pull and growing lashes and brows! Anne is kind, understanding and provides tailored support. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with trichotillomania, no matter where you are.

Anne is a very experienced and professional hypnotherapist with a welcoming practice in West London. She provided a number of sessions to a family member who was suffering with neurological symptoms which were being exacerbated by stress and anxiety. These were an enormous help. She has also worked with a friend to help her overcome insomnia. I would not hesitate to recommend Anne whose approach combines kindness and warmth with straightforward honesty.

Just had my first session and how pleasant it was. Anne is genuinely skilled at her craft and professional.

I feel so clear in my Mind and have a real sense of clarity and direction. I presented to Anne many challenges in my life, a hard pregnancy, financial problems, health and relationship issues as well as anxiety.

Together with me Anne was able to come up with a plan and in our session I asked if we could focus on my finances. She did this and more, she also spent the time to converse with me and managed to gather a full picture of my life and we’re I want to be.

She went over her time and really is very thorough. My session felt so beautiful. The trance was natural, enjoyable and very real, she takes you to a place only a skilled hypnotist can achieve.

I know exactly were to go from here and would highly recommend her service. Anne will hypnotise you but she will also give practical tips and support to get the most benefit out of your session . Five stars.

After two sessions with Anne I can only recommend her services. She is very professional and passionate, and I really appreciate that we are in contact even between the sessions.

Five star review – Anne is amazing
While we have only had one hypnotherapy session with Anne so far (plus numerous phone calls to check progress) – it has already helped my daughter a lot! Anne is genuinely interested in helping my daughter to make trich a thing of the past!
While it is early days in the treatment – we have been so impressed with Anne’s approach to treatment, her genuine interest and her very warm and caring personality. She is a gem and we are very grateful to her. We would highly recommend her!

I am so lucky to have found Anne ! She cares deeply for her clients and I felt instantly safe and was looked after throughout the whole treatment. She helped me through past life regression and what an incredible experience this was. I cannot recommend her enough, she is amazing, professional and I am so excited for my next past-life session.

I met Anne through my sister who had been seeing her for a while. She came into my life at a time when I needed emotional support and a different perspective on how to deal with some deeply rooted personal issues. Her approach has been calming, sensitive and with some humour which has made the sessions light. Great service and setting.

Very lovely, helpful, understanding. I really think I can achieve what I need with her help. Amazing experience

I found anne on the internet from Kensington hypnosis. On speaking to anne I found her very compassionate and eager to listen and address the problem/ problems the needed addressing. My mother is diabled and has COPD and Anne will more than willing to attend my mothers house. She travelled to my mother house was punctual and willing and very compassionate in listening to what my mother had to say. Anne will be returning to for another session as she feels that she can help my mother in a subconscious level with breathing techniques and improving my mothers quality of life. I would recommend Kensington hypnosis to anybody as I have complete faith in anne and what she wants to achieve .

Fantastic experience !!
I had hypnosis and past life hypnosis
I can not recommend Ann enough
She is very professional very kind and makes you feel very comfortable .
she also has a great follow up service and genuinely cares
I will definitely continue to see her

Anne is very attentive and fine tunes the sessions very well to fit your requirements. It is very personable and she takes the time to check in with you at regular intervals. I would recommend Anne to anyone who needs that extra bit of support or looking for useful techniques to help with anxiety or compulsions!

Anne is thoughtful in her approach to hypnotherapy. The time she takes to get to know you and tailor recordings accordingly is beyond what I was anticipating. She supplements this with additional tools and food for thought on coping strategies based on her experience.

Anne has been helping my young daughter, and us as a family, deal with her Trichotillomania. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing us with many ideas and techniques to help, and so far we are making good progress. She has been incredibly supportive and understanding, and is always checking in on us. Her dedication and support really make you feel like you are not alone, that there is always someone there to help guide you through.

Anne immediately and correctly understood my problems and anxieties, and for the first time in a long time I have begun to feel I am taking the process of healing, and in particular her relaxing sleep tapes have given me a chance to have a good nights rest. I cannot recommend her enough

I reached out to Anne to help with my social anxiety. I have felt that my social anxiety has held me back in work and my social life. Therapy has helped, but not to the extent that I was satisfied with. After just 3 sessions of working with Anne, I feel I have made significant progress. Anne is wonderful, her approach is very effective and the hypnosis recordings really help accelerate the process of changing unconscious behaviors and thoughts. She is very invested in helping, and makes herself available by text between sessions. I would highly recommend her.

Anne is an inspiration and I really found her sessions and subsequent tapes a revelation and have given me a lasting too.

In my experience I have found Anne to be a very kind person. Someone who you feel cares about you, and makes you feel like you are not just a “client”. She is honest and forthright, and will tell it like it is, which I really admire. She draws upon many areas and years of experience to offer a mixed package of treatment.
She is clearly a qualified and skilled hypnotherapist, whom I would recommend if you appreciate the direct yet gentle approach.

Anne helped me with my confidence and gave me studie methos too improve my learning of English.

I came from Brazil to consult and in person regarding my stress behaviour related to my OCD I found her not only helpful but extremely kind I have been following her Instagram page for sometime before I booked and found her tips and photos helpful reminders I will continue to work with an online

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