Marcus Svensson

I have had a problem with my golf swing for quite some time. I do not think i'm alone in saying that spending time on youtube for golftips has been like a full time job for a while. With this said, i did a lot of research, filmed my swing and compared to varies of golf instructors check points in the swing, feels and reals. A golfer knows what im talking about. All these swing changes and thoughts makes the mind go crazy, it is just too much. I felt that I had tried everything with my swing, but it seemed like I got no conistensy out in the golf course which is no bueno.

I decided to visit Anne in this matter and try something new. I had 1 session with Anne, and she honeslty blew my mind.

She made me realise that all these technical details was in fact not the problem with my golf swing. To be brief, she made me realise that my body was very tense throughout the golf swing. I have had a knee injury for 4 years, and she came with the conclusion that I didn't trust my knee, which made my body very tense. And for the golfers out there, a super tense body is not a good thing in golf. When I got the revelation I tried a range session as soon as I could. When I did, I was honestly blown away. The swing thoughts are gone, im relaxed in the body and im swinging like never before.

Thanks a lot Anne!